It is DriveLab's mission to reduce the number of deaths and accidents by making drivers understand all the forces acting on a vehicle that dictate why the vehicle does what it does. A Car is very predictable and does exactly as the driver tells it to do: Input equals Output; it is that simple.


DriveLab takes a unique approach to driver education by emphasizing driving is Applied Physics, and that if we go to war with these Laws of Motion, we will most definitely lose!


Driving is the biggest killer of teens in the country. Although only 10% of the population, teen drivers account for 14% of all fatal car crashes. Drivers' Ed teaches them how to pass the drivers' test, but not how to control a vehicle.



Miriam Schottland
Miriam Schottland's reputation in the field of driver training is unparalleled.

She has 20 years experience in teaching counter-terrorism, accident avoidance, high performance driving and racing at the most prestigious advanced driver training facility in the country.

She has instructed the FBI, DIA, AAA, police departments, the State Department, and the military, as well as drivers who simply wanted to improve their driving skill.

Schottland is the Chief Instructor for the Audi Club and has been Chief Instructor for the Corvette Club, BMW Club, Cadillac Club, Mazda Club, Chief of Instructor Training for Porsche Club, Senior and Classroom Instructor for Ferrari of Washington and National Auto Sports Association as well as many others, too many to list here. Many of the auto dealerships have tapped her knowledge of driving to hold seminars and driving events.

Schottland has funneled her 20+ years of driving and teaching experience into creating innovative programs that make a real difference for people driving on the streets.

A renowned speaker and driving instructor, Schottland has presented seminars to NHTSA, National Society of Safety Engineers, Society of Automotive Engineers, Maryland Safety Council, U.S. Marines and various insurance groups. Your seatbelt's there to keep you from flying through the air cuz driving from passenger seat is a totally impossible feat!

Schottland’s message on the Art and Science of Driving has been featured extensively in the media, including NBC News, ABC News and The Washington Times.

Charming, knowledgeable and quick-witted, her audience gains valuable knowledge about why vehicles do what they do.

Her hero is Sir Isaac Newton, whose discovery of the Laws of Motion are intricately involved in driving our vehicles safely today.

Schottland is available for radio and TV.

Schottland has a blog called The CARmudgeon at www.miriamschottland.com


Spend the day with DriveLab’s super-knowledgeable driving instructors, who are themselves highly skilled drivers. Hand-picked from all areas of the driving experience, from teaching counter-terrorism, to accident avoidance, to racing, DriveLab instructors are not your ordinary gym teachers who are trying to make extra money on the side.

They instruct for some of the most prestigious advanced driving schools and clubs in the country. DriveLab instructors are chosen for their patience, communication skills, and superb knowledge of driving.

DriveLab does not allow anyone to drive alone in any of its courses.  There will be a highly trained instructor in that right seat at all times. DriveLab’s instructors have received nothing but the highest praise from drivers lucky enough to attend a DriveLab event.


Jaime Goffaux

Vehicle Operations and Technical Consultant

Jaime is the newest addition to the Drive-Lab team. He has been involved in all aspects of the automotive and motor sport industries for 25 years. A certified master and multi manufacturer trained mechanic, he began his educational career as an automotive technologies instructor, and is now the automotive program supervisor and operations manager for the Lincoln College of Technology in Columbia, Maryland.

Jaime brings an innovative approach to driving through the understanding of vehicle mechanics. He has served as board member and founder of a number of local car clubs, HPDE instructor for the Corvette Club of America, and is a member of both the SVRA and Lotus Limited.

He has been factory trained by Jaguar, Lotus, Ferrari, Lamborghini, GM and is co-owner of the LotuSport Racing Team which campaigns the former Lotus Esprit X180R race cars in vintage racing and other prestigious events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Patrick McNeil

Operations manager

Patrick McNeil has been the right hand of DriveLab for three years. He has been involved in automobiles and driving for 30 years and is an award winning Operations Manager for Volvo and Volkswagen.

His talent for organization and creative thinking has made him a Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus and a Judge Advocate for The American Legion. Bringing his expertise to DriveLab, he has managed site operations, obtained sponsors and made sure the events run smoothly.


Event planner and problem solver, Aundria has a background in management and marketing, and is on the management team at Currys’ Auto. Nancy is the office “don’t panic” problem solver and idea person.

They both have been working with DriveLab for two years, and keep the day’s general event running smoothly. They help out with all the administrative tasks through out the day.


Jason has just retired from the Marines and has become the “point man” on DriveLab’s team of highly experienced driving junkies since his first high performance driving experience several years ago.

He now fields on-track problems and questions from our participants at our hands-on driving events.

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